Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my son has never skated before?

Our programs are structured to be Learn To Skate programs. Many of our skaters start the season on the ice for their first time. Our typical first Mini-Mite practice looks like this:

Q: Will my son be standing around in the cold?

US Hockey has been at the forefront of amateur athletics through their American Development Model, which emphasizes participation and development at early ages.

Our practices are design to maximize movement and acquire basic hockey skills. The station-based structure, allows the boys to feel competent and comfortable participating in a variety of challenging activities.

Q: Is hockey safe?


Hockey players wear more protective equipment than any other sport. Youth hockey is a different game than what we watch in the NHL. STBHC participates in “non-contact” leagues which operate under a different set of rules in place.

Although we can’t guarantee bumps/bruises and the rare injury will not happen, our coaches are trained to mitigate them and respond appropriately when they do

Q: What equipment do they wear?

Each player will need the below equipment in order to participate. See "Required Equipment" under the Resources tab for guides and more information on where to purchase.

Q: What is the cost to play?

The fees for the season are listed under Programs and by age group. For new Kindergarten and First Grade skaters this is inclusive of jersey and socks. Equipment and transportation to / from the rink are not part of the program and the family's responsibilty. 

We charge substantially lower than other boy’s school programs, this is a function of ice time, transportation options, the number of skaters and involvement by the parents.

Financial aid is available through St. Bernard’s for those who may be eligible. Please contact us directly to inquire more if this applies to you.

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